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Daytona Beach Lawyers > Blog > Property Damage / Insurance > Why Hire A Lawyer To Help With A Property Insurance Claim?

Why Hire A Lawyer To Help With A Property Insurance Claim?


In many cases, an insurance claim for property damage is something homeowners expect to handle on their own with few complications. While people may anticipate some delays and hiccups along the way, seldom do they expect to need legal help as part of their claim.

However, there are several important reasons to trust an experienced Florida property damage attorney during the insurance process – even before the claim is filed.

  1. A lawyer can help when a claim is complicated. A straightforward claim limited to a small amount of damage might not need special assistance. When claims involve multiple issues and costly repairs, it is wise to consult with an attorney that can assess the value of your claim and the problems you might run into. If your claim is large and complex, a property damage lawyer might be able to secure more compensation from the insurer than you would be able to on your own.
  1. Insurance policies are contracts, and insurance coverage attorneys know how to understand them. The insurance policy for your home or business is a legally binding contract between the insurer and the policyholder. As such, the policy will contain numerous terms and conditions that must be followed in order for the claim to be processed and paid out. Failure to meet these conditions by the insured policyholder can result in denial in part or all of a claim. Attorneys that are well-versed in insurance contracts can decipher these documents for you and help you watch out for the various “traps” included within a policy. They can let you know about important deadlines and actions that must be taken to get the most out of your policy. When going it on their own, policyholders risk making mistakes that can cost them in the long run.
  1. Lawyers can save you time on an insurance claim. Let’s face it – you have other priorities in life and things that demand your time and attention. Every hour spent dealing with insurance paperwork or discussing your claim issues over the phone is time taken away from things that matter most – your family, your job, and your free time. Attorneys that specialize in property damage law can give you this time back and take over responsibilities for the complex and time-consuming insurance issues.
  1. Attorneys can identify when an insurance company is acting in bad faith. If an insurance company fails to uphold obligations on their end, such as failing to pay on time or “lowballing” a policyholder with an unreasonably low settlement offer, they could be acting in bad faith on the claim. Insurance companies are profit-driven organizations that will try to save every dollar they can when processing an insurance claim. Sometimes their offer will be lower than a homeowner expects, but with justifiable reasons. Other times a low offer or denial of coverage could be a “bad faith” action that requires intervention from an attorney with experience handling bad faith insurance claims. Whether you feel your insurer is acting improperly or not, it always helps to have a legal expert with a watchful eye on your insurer’s actions in a large property damage claim.
  1. Property damage attorneys can file a lawsuit when necessary. Situations can arise where there is no option but to take an insurance company to court in order to enforce a policyholder’s rights. Florida has a statute of limitations for property insurance lawsuits and notice requirements that must be met under Florida Statutes Sec. 627.70132. If these deadlines are not met, a claimant can forever lose their right to sue the insurer – even if they have a valid claim. Florida property damage attorneys can review all aspects of your potential claim to identify what your legal rights are and what deadlines you will need to meet to start a successful property insurance lawsuit.

The Daytona, Florida Property Damage Attorneys at Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A., Can Assist You Every Step of the Way in Your Insurance Claim

The Daytona property damage insurance attorneys at Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A., have helped hundreds of other Florida policyholders with all aspects of property insurance claims, and are specialists in their field. If your insurance company is delaying or denying your claim, or you simply want to know more about your rights, call our Daytona law offices at 386-252-5170, or schedule a consultation with our Daytona Beach property damage attorneys online.



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