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Insurance Agent Negligence Red Flags


One of the more shocking discoveries after a hurricane or other storm is realizing that you do not have the insurance coverage that you thought you did. Maybe you bought a policy that did not actually cover windstorm damage when you reasonably thought you did. Or perhaps your policy never took effect because your insurance agent neglected to cash your premium payment. Whatever the reason, in your time of need, you are without the coverage you were depending on.

Insurance agents owe a duty of care to their insureds, much like other professionals owe a duty of care to their clients. When an insurance agent fails to fulfill their obligations, innocent people are injured. Of course, few agents will admit they were negligent, but we encourage you to look for the following signs and reach out to a Daytona Beach insurance agent negligence attorney for help.

Your Claim Is Denied

This is often the first clue that something is wrong. Of course, some denials are legitimate. But if your memory is that you requested a policy that should cover the loss you have sustained, then you should investigate further.

Find your copy of the policy and read it. If you can’t find a copy, then ask the insurance agent or call the insurer directly to request a copy. The policy language might be dense but look especially at exclusions. It might be the case that your agent sold you a policy that does not cover the events you requested.

Your Insurance Was Not Renewed

This is another red flag that your insurance adjuster was negligent. Of course, if you didn’t write a check to pay the premiums, then you are to blame. But if you paid your premiums in a timely manner but the policy was not renewed, then you might have a claim for negligence.

Your Agent is Avoiding You

This is a huge red flag after a denial of an insurance claim. The most rational way to explain an agent ignoring you is that they know they sold you a policy that did not meet your needs, or they have been careless in some other duties that they owed you. In other words, the agent has a guilty conscience. You should meet with an attorney if you suspect your insurance agent is avoiding taking your calls.

Your Are Denied Coverage after a Long Delay

As a general rule, insurance companies move slowly because many think it is to their advantage. However, sometimes the delay is the result of an agent not submitting your claim in a timely manner. Hold onto all communications with your insurer and look at the dates. Does the delay seem unnecessarily long? Are there requests for information that you initially provided to your insurance agent? If so, the agent might have been careless in how he transmitted your claim.

Do You Suspect Insurance Agent Negligence?

Suing an insurance agent is difficult, but the Daytona Beach insurance agent negligence attorneys at Bundza & Rodriguez, P.A., can help. For more information, call us today at 386-252-5170 to schedule a free, confidential initial consultation with a member of our team. We serve Daytona Beach and all of Volusia County.


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