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Daytona Beach Lawyers > Blog > Property Damage / Insurance > What Should I Do If I Get A Homeowners Property Damage Insurance Denial Letter?

What Should I Do If I Get A Homeowners Property Damage Insurance Denial Letter?


Homeowner property damages in Daytona Beach can happen due to unexpected mishaps and storms, fires, vandalism, or theft. Property owners insurance you have in place can help to prevent you from having to pay out-of-pocket for losses that result. Unfortunately, after years of paying your premiums and never filing a claim, it can come as a shock to be denied by your insurer at the time you need them most. What should you do if you get a homeowner property damage insurance denial letter? Our Daytona Beach property damage attorneys recommend following these steps:

  1. Carefully review your property damage denial letter.

It is natural to panic when you receive a letter denying your property damage claim. However, it is important to remain calm and carefully review what the letter actually says. Check details, such as ensuring they have the right name, address, and insurance number. Confirm they received your claim and look for the exact reasons it was denied. It could be due to a lapsed policy, not providing enough documenting evidence, or damages the insurer claims is not covered for some reason. Also pay attention to any dates you are required to respond by as well as when the insurer sent the letter. Under the Florida Statutes, they are required to inform you of receipt of your claim within 14 days of filing and generally must make a decision within 90 days.

  1. Review the terms of your policy.

Whatever the reason for your denied property damage claim, go through and carefully review the terms of policies you have in place. Pay attention to coverage dates, payout amounts, and policy exclusions. There should also be detailed instructions regarding denied claims and how to appeal the insurers decision.

  1. Review your filed claim.

You should have a copy of your filed claim, along with any supporting documents you sent to the insurer. Carefully review your claim for errors or overlooked items. Compare it to the terms of your policy to ensure it complies. Review all the supporting documents you sent as well and make note of when you first contacted them, when they sent an adjuster, and any other correspondence you may have received.

  1. Gather additional evidence.

Lack of supporting evidence is a common reason for claims denials. In the aftermath of property damages, you should have made a list of all damages you suffered and taken photos and videos to show the insurance adjuster. Take additional photos now, gather any receipts for repairs, and make note of other losses you have suffered since, such as additional property damages or lost income.

  1. Contact our Daytona Beach property damage claims attorneys. 

You have the right to appeal a denied property damage claim. To protect your interests when dealing with insurers and their representatives, get our Daytona Beach property damage attorneys on your side. Call or contact our office online and request a consultation to discuss your case with Bundza & Rodriguez today.

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